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Service Rate Per Day Rate
Plumbing £70.00 Hour £380.00
Gas safety certificates £75.00 Certificate 1 n/a
Boiler service £65.00 Service 2 n/a
Combined inspection & boiler service £120.00 Services & Certificate n/a
Electrics £70.00 Hour £380.00
Heating/gas £70.00 Hour £380.00
Decorating £40.00 Hour £165.00
Handyman £45.00 Hour £275.00
Tiling & plastering £55.00 Hour £295.00
Appliance repair £70.00 Hour n/a
Building Quoted Job £295.00
Carpentry £55.00 Hour £380.00
Landscaping Quoted Job Quoted
Garden maintenance £22.50 Hour 3 £180.00
Refurbishments Quoted Job Quoted
Roofing £65.00 Assessment 4 Quoted
Key holding £99.00 Year n/a
Notes: Charging Policy
1. Gas Safety Certificate: this cost is inclusive of 2 appliances, any additional appliances will be charged at £20.00 + VAT per appliance.

2. Boiler Service: this cost does not include any parts.

3. Garden Maintenance: our garden maintenance works in teams of 2.

4. Roofing: this charge is to diagnose the issue. We will carry out any minor repairs that are achievable within the hour e.g. hanging a slipped slate or clipping a gutter back together. For any larger works an estimate will be provided.
We have a one hour minimum charge and charge per half hour thereafter.

Cancelations – 50% of the booked time will be chargeable if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours prior to the job.

Parking and congestion will be charged in addition to the labour charge.

Materials are charged in addition.

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